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Acacias VHT114

African Violets

African violets,Saint Paulia, Home study,distance education course

Amenity Horticulture I

How to manage parks, gardens and landscapes -study at home

Amenity Horticulture II

Study Horticultural management -Amenity Horticulture Course

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Arboriculture)

Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Arboriculture) VBS001

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Herbs)

Many will use this course to become a farm manager, work in marketing horticultural herbs or start your own business. Others will use it to enhance a career they have already started in the horticulture industry.

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Horticultural Technology)

Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Horticultural Technology) VBS001

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Retail Nursery)

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Retail Nursery) VBS001

Applied Management (Wholesale Nursery)

Applied Management (Wholesale Nursery)

Aquaponic Production

Aquaponics Production programs have been developed in response to industry demand and are specifically designed to equip graduates with work-ready skills. Each participant will be trained and assessed in theory and in practical tasks. Real-world exercises are used throughout the program.


Arboriculture I

Arboriculture II

Study Aboriculture II with this short correspondence course

Certificate in Arboriculture

manager an arboriculture business, climb trees for a living, arboriculture indistry

Azaleas And Rhododendrons

Azaleas And Rhododendrons

Berry Production

Get your free Berry Production Course Information pack today.

Biophilic Landscaping

Learn to evaluate a how a landscape impacts upon the physical and mental wellbeing of people who exist in that landscape; and determine how the landscape can be made more biophilic or people friendly.


Our students love our Bonsai Course. You will learn the history and secret techniques required to become a successful Bonsai producer. Request your obligation free course information pack today!

Bush Tucker Plants: Growing and Using

Bush Tucker Plants: Growing and Using

Cacti & Succulents

Cacti and Succulents VHT108

Carnivorous Plants

Learn by distance education growing Carnivorous plants, home study course

Horticulture (Arboriculture)

Certificate in Horticulture (Arboriculture) online correspondence course

Certificate in Plantsmanship

Certificate in Plantsmanship VHT033

Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing

Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing VHT241

Commercial Vegetable Production

Commercial Vegetable Production BHT222


Conifers BHT230

Cottage Garden Design

Cottage Garden Design BHT110

Culinary Herbs

Culinary Herbs VHT242

Cut Flower Bulbs

Cut Flower Bulbs BHT317

Cut Flower Orchids

Cut Flower Orchids VHT240

Cut Flower Production

Cut Flower Production BHT221

Cutting Propagation

Cutting Propagation BHT211

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous Trees BHT244


Eucalypts VHT117


Ferns BHT314

RHS Certificate III Garden Planning, Construction and Maintenance

Foundation Certificate in Garden Planning and Development Level 3

RHS Level II Certificate - Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance

Foundation Certificate in Residential Garden Planning and Care Level 2

Fruit Production -Temperate Climate

Fruit Production -Temperate Climate BHT218

Fruit Production Warm Climate

Fruit Production Warm Climate BHT217


Fuchsias VHT112

Garden Centre Management

Garden Centre Management BHT255

Certificate in Garden Design

Certificate In Garden Design VHT012

Garden History

Garden History Course Online Distance Learning

Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance VHT100

Green Walls and Roofs

Green Walls and Roofs BHT256

Greenhouse Cut Flowers

Greenhouse Cut Flowers VHT239

Growing Camellias

Growing Camelias VHT109

Growing Carnations

Growing Carnations VHT110

Growing Grevilleas

Growing Grevilleas VHT118

Growing Iris

Growing Iris

Herb Culture

Herb Culture BHT114

Herbs (Basic Course)

Herbs (Basic Course) AHT108

Certificate in Herbs

Certificate In Herbs VHT014

Home Fruit Growing

Home Fruit Growing AHT104

Home Garden Expert Course

Home Garden Expert Course AHT101

Home Hydroponics

Home Hydroponics AHT107

Home Propagation

Home Propagation AHT106

Home Vegetable Growing

Home Vegetable Growing AHT102

Horticultural Marketing

In any industry including horticulture, competition is fierce and success depends upon the way you market your product. A sound knowledge of marketing processes will ensure that a business stays ahead of the competition.

Horticultural Research 1

What can good research skills do for you? Good research skills will enable you identify emerging trends and changes that affect horticulture, and to help formulate better strategies, practices and uses for horticulture.

Horticultural Research II

Horticultural Research II

Horticultural Resource Management

Covers planning for efficient and economical management in horticulture: including such things as work procedures and programming, budgeting and staff supervision. The course is relevant to all areas of horticulture including nurseries, parks, private gardens, market gardening and fruit production.

Horticultural Therapy

online course - learn to be a horticultural therapist, get a qualification to work with horticulture to offer therapy for people with disabilities, elderly, aged care, offenders, mental health, depression, and more.

Horticulture (By Examination)

Horticulture (By Examination)

Certificate in Horticulture (Crops)

Certificate In Horticulture (Crops)

Certificate in Horticulture (Cut Flowers)

Certificate In Horticulture (Cut Flowers) VHT002

Certificate in Horticulture (Grounds Management)

Certificate in Horticulture (Grounds Management) correspondence course

Certificate in Horticulture (Herbs)

Study this Certificate in Horticulture (Herbs) by correspondence,Online Study Course

Certificate in Horticulture (Horticultural Technology)

Want to work in hydroponics? You will need more than just knowledge of hydroponic growing systems. This excellent and comprehensive course covers the general horticultural knowledge required for successful plant growing (irrelevant of the method) in the first 15 lessons then focuses on hydroponics in the second half.

Certificate in Horticulture (Landscaping & Garden Design)

Certificate In Horticulture (Landscaping & Garden Design)

Certificate in Horticulture (Nature Park Management)

The Certificate in Horticulture (nature park management) is a vocationally oriented and IARC accredited course comprising both studies in both general horticulture and in nature park management.

Certificate in Horticulture (Organic Plant Growing)

This 700 hour course focuses on the mainstream fundamentals of horticulture in the first half of the course and leads on to organic plant growing methods in the second half. This combination is rarely offered through other institutions.

Certificate in Horticulture (Propagation)

The Certificate in Horticulture (Plant Propagation) is a vocationally oriented course comprising a core of studies common to all horticulture certificates, plus specialised studies in plant propagation.

Certificate in Horticulture (Turf)

Home Study Turf -Certificate in Horticulture (Turf) online e-learning course

Certificate in Horticulture (Viticulture)

Start a Vineyard, Study Viticulture Management Distance Learning course

Proficiency Award 4 in Horticulture - Landscaping

Proficiency Award 4 In Horticulture - Landscaping VHT009


Distance Learning Course -Introduction to Horticulture The ideal course for anyone starting out in horticulture.

Certificate in Horticulture

Learn the techniques, science and plant knowledge underpinning all horticulture industry sectors; then gain specialised training in your chosen sector.

Foundation Certificate in Horticulture

Foundation Certificate in Horticulture VHT003

Proficiency Award 3 in Horticulture

Over 300 distance education courses, free handbook, course counselling, articles, courses, books and videos; plus lots of free information and articles covering a multitude of disciplines.

Hydroponic Management (Hydroponics II)

Even more in - depth than Hydroponics I, Hydroponics II takes a closer look at a few plant species in particular.

Hydroponics I

Hydroponics I

Hydroponics III

Hydroponics III

Certificate in Hydroponics

Certificate In Hydroponics VHT013

Interior Plants

Indoor Plants

Irrigation (Gardens)

Irrigation (Gardens)

Irrigation - Crops

Irrigation - Crops

Irrigation Management (Horticulture)

This course is a natural progression from Irrigation (Gardens). It can be studied as a stand alone course; however we would normally advise to undertake Irrigation Gardens first.

Certificate in Irrigation Management

Certificate in Irrigation Management

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Landscaping Home Gardens

Landscaping Home Gardens

Landscaping I

Landscaping I

Landscaping II

Landscaping II

Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles)

Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles) BHT235


Lavender BHT228

Managing Notable Gardens

Managing Notable Gardens BHT340

Manufacturing Herbal Products

Learn to manufacture commercial products from herbs

  • Choosing what to make
  • Knowing how to make
  • Packaging and marketing what you make

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs

Mushroom Production

Mushroom Production

Natural Garden Design

Natural Garden Design

Nature Park Management I

Professional Development for people working in parks management, land rehabilitation, conservation or related industries. This course is equally valuable for people wishing to work in nature parks and reserves, in managerial or technical positions.

Nature Park Management II

Nature Park Management II

Nursery Growers Course

Nursery Growers Course

Nursery Hands Course

Nursery Hands Course

Certificate in Nursery Management

Certificate In Nursery Management VBS019 | Nursery Management Certificate Course -Study Nursery Management by open learning at home

Nut Production

Nut Production

Oenology - Winemaking

Learn to make different types of wine, assess and analyse wine quality, investigate the chemistry and microorganisms involved in wine processing, and oversee the entire winemaking process.

Operational Business Management I (Horticulture)

Operational Business Management I (Horticulture) BHT326

Operational Business Management II (Horticulture)

Operational Business Management II (Horticulture) BHT327

Orchid Culture

Orchid Culture BHT232

Organic Plant Culture

Organic Plant Culture BHT302

Outdoor Plant Production (Crops I)

Outdoor Plant Production (Crops I)

Palms and Cycads

Palms and Cycads BHT233

Pelargoniums and Geraniums

Pelargoniums and Geraniums VHT113


Perennials BHT316

Planning Layout And Construction Of Ornamental Gardens

Planning Layout And Construction Of Ornamental Gardens

Plant Breeding

Plant Breeding

Plant Conservation

Learn how to protect threatened plant species.

Plant Health (Horticulture III)

Horticulture III (Plant Health) online e-learning course -Study Plant Pest and Diseases at home

Plant Identification and Knowledge (Horticulture II)

There is actually a system to identifying plants; and for most people, once you understand that system, it can become much easier to remember plant names; and the cultural peculiarities of different plant species.

Plant Pathology

Study Plant Pathology with this short correspondence course for professional horticulturists

Plant Protection

Understanding the life cycles of insects and weeds and learning how to identify them is important in the protection of plants from disease and insect and the spread of weed species.

Plant Selection And Establishment

Plant Selection And Establishment

Plant Taxonomy

Learn to systematically examine a plant’s distinguishing characteristics - then determine its scientific classification based upon those observations.

Playground Design

Playground Design

Practical Horticulture 1

Practical Horticulture 1

Practical Horticulture 2

Practical Horticulture 2

Proficiency Award 4 in Horticulture (Parks And Recreation)

Would you like to care and manage parks, natural parks, holiday and recreation resort facilities? Then this is the course to do. This course provides training for people to work in the management and development of recreation and park facilities and services. It is relevant to all types of situations including municipal parks, national parks, tourist parks, commercial landscapes, resorts, etc.

Proficiency Award 4 in Horticulture - Nursery

Proficiency Award 4 in Horticulture - Nursery

Proficiency Award 4 in Horticulture - Ornamental Horticulture

This course is designed to assist the graduate to gain employment in the following fields: Garden Company Manager, Technical Officer, Marketing Manager, Consultant, Vocational Trainer.

Proficiency Award in Garden Design and Maintenance

Proficiency Award in Garden Design and Maintenance



Propagation I

Propagation I


Learn Protea gardening & Cut Flower Proteas, Study at home by distance education

Protected Plant Production

Greenhouse Cropping, Protected Plant Production, Distance Learning Course

Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens

Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens BHT243



Scented Plants

Scented Plants BHT229

Seed Propagation

Seed Propagation BHT237

Soil Management Crops

Soil Management Crops

Soil Management Horticulture

Learn the foundation of all good horticulture. Without a sound understanding of soils, you simply cannot realise your full potential as a horticulturist or gardener.

Specialist Award In Horticulture

Specialist Award In Horticulture

Sports Turf Management

Caring for Turf is a science of its own and it is worth getting to understand how to care for it to the best of your ability.

Tissue Culture

Study Tissue Culture with this short correspondence course

Tropical Plants

Tropical Plants

Turf Care

Want to work in the Turf Industry? -this course can be a great starting point and can be studied via correspondence or online.

Turf Repair And Renovation

Turf Repair And Renovation

Proficiency Award 2 in Turf

This is a specialist course that will really give you the opportunity for advancement in this field. If you are passionate about turf then this is the course for you. Very well rounded covering all aspects of turf and turf management.



Warm Climate Nuts

Warm Climate Nuts

Water Gardening

Water Gardening

Weed Control

Weed Control BHT209.Learn to identify and effectively control weeds. You learn about both chemical and non-chemical control methods (e.g. mulching, burning, slashing), the use of spray equipment, and safety procedures which should be followed. Study this

Wholesale Nursery Management

Wholesale Nursery Management

Horticulture & Gardening

At no time in history has the demand for people with a working knowledge of Horticulture been higher. A Horticulturist is a person who specialises in in the intensive growing of fruits vegetables, animals and ornamental plants. The word intensive is what sets it apart from General Agriculture. Instead of Farm or ranch, think garden, orchard or pen. To put in the simplest terms a Horticulturist is trained to get the maximum output from the minimum amount of land.

Within this field there are many specialties including:

  • Viticulture (vine plants like grapes)
  • Arboriculture (Trees fruit bearing or not)
  • Growing fruit
  • Growing Herbs
  • Growing Vegetables (organic or not)
  • Raising Goats
  • Aquaculture (Raising fish, shrimp, crab etc. in ponds or tanks)
  • Hydroponics (growing plants in liquids without soil)
  • Aquaponics (a combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics)
  • Many, Many More

Take this multimedia lesson from some of our online horticulture courses for example.  Sure, it's difficult to provide examples for every course, but it will certainly help to provide you with an idea of you can expect from your learning experience.  If you are interested in the horticulture, it's worth watching anyway:

One of the wonderful things about this field is that it is growing and developing at such a tremendous rate. With all the attention that living green and eating organic or local has been garnering in the news Horticulture and its related technology is growing a so fast it can be hard to keep up with the new developments.

That is the advantage of studying with Learning Cloud. Our people are not just trainers; they are people who are actively involved in their fields; people who get excited with every new development and stay current not because they need to for their job but because they genuinely love their subjects.

Most learning programs frown on people who get excited and rock the boat but at Learning Cloud we not only like people who push the limits of their fields but we love people who are true zealots about the subjects that they teach.
We count on our instructors being excited about their subjects. We have expended a great deal of effort in developing programs that are designed to not only make learning fun again but to get students excited about learning. That is why if a trainer isn't excited about a course or can't share their excitement with their students, you won't find them here.

Subjects like Horticulture bear greatly on the future of not only the individuals that practice it but on our entire future as a country and civilization. That is something to be excited about.

It doesn't matter if you want to study so that you can open your own cut flower or organic herb business or if want to live a self-sustaining life off grid. Maybe you just want to learn how to get more apples from your trees or have a healthier garden pond. There is a program of courses at Learning Cloud that will let you learn what you need and not just within a classroom but within a culture that is dedicated to both your education and personal growth.

Learning doesn't have to be a drag. When you are excited about a subject and are studying with people who are just as excited as you are learning becomes a joy. Contact Learning Cloud today and let us show how delightful your learning experience can be.


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