Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Instructional & Training Skills)

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Instructional & Training Skills)

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Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Instructional & Training Skills) VBS001

Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Instructional & Training Skills) programs has been developed in response to industry demand and are specifically designed to equip graduates with work-ready skills. Each participant will be trained and assessed in theory and in practical tasks. Real-world exercises are used throughout the program. 

Have you ever needed to train a team?  Has anyone ever asked you to teach a workshop without any notice?  Have you ever had experience with a disorganized trainer or been on a bad course?  Would you like to learn to design effective and efficient, learner-centred, training material?  Would you like to practice teaching in a comfortable environment?

In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of training design and development and how these principles can be applied to instructing and facilitating courses, workshops and seminars.  You will learn some of the traditional and modern techniques to design, develop, instruct and evaluate training. Through group interaction, you will also share your experiences and learn from each other.  Emphasis in this program is on developing practical instructional skills using a learner-centred approach.

There are three parts to this course:

1. Foundation Modules (4) 
These courses develop a capacity to better manage yourself and others in an education context. These modules, 
though generic in their delivery, are designed to offer lots of opportunity to relate set tasks and assignments to the education context.

  • Management
  • Office Practices
  • Business Operations 
  • Marketing Foundations

2. Stream Modules (3) chosen from the following options:

  • Instructional Skills
  • Classroom Delivery Skills
  • Course Writing/Development
  • Delivering Distance Education
  • Educational Psychology

(Choose only three of the above)

3. Workplace Project (200 hrs)

There are different options available to you to satisfy this requirement:

Alternative 1.

If you work in the industry that you have been studying; you may submit a reference from your employer, in an effort to satisfy this industry (ie. workplace project) requirement; on the basis of RPL (ie. recognition for prior learning), achieved through your current and past work experience.

The reference must indicate that you have skills and an awareness of your industry, which is sufficient for you to work in a position of responsibility.

Alternative 2.

A one module credit (100 hrs) can be achieved by verifying attendance at a series of industry meetings, as follows:

Meetings may be seminars, conferences, trade shows, committee meetings, volunteer events (eg. Community working bees), or any other meeting where two or more industry people or people who are knowledgeable about their discipline.
Opportunity must exist for the student to learn through networking, observation and/or interaction with people who know their industry or discipline
A list of events should be submitted together with dates of each attended and times being claimed for each
Documentary evidence must be submitted to the school to indicate support each item on the above list (eg. Receipts from seminars, conference or shows, letters from committee or organisation secretaries or committee members. All such documentation must contain a contact details)
Alternative 3.

Credits can be achieved by completing standard modules Workplace Project I, II and/or III

Each of these modules comprises a series of "hands on" PBL projects, designed as learning experiences that involve interaction with the real world. (This approach is based upon tried and proven learning approaches that originated in American universities but are now widely used and respected by academia throughout many countries). See the web site or handbook for more detail.

Alternative 4.

If you do not work in the relevant industry, you need to undertake a project as follows.

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